Exclusive – Cornet: “I’m ready for the intensity of UTS”


In an exclusive interview with Tennis Majors, Alizé Cornet talks about her upcoming debut at UTS2 and her potential opponents.

Tennis Majors: Are you ready for the intensity of UTS?

Alizé Cornet: It’s intense, but I’m The Volcano so I’m very intense by myself. This doesn’t scare me. I’m ready for this intensity.

TM: How was your first training with the UTS format?

AC: It was quite an experience to be honest. I didn’t know how to use the cards; I really had to get used to it and to really learn the rules. But now I think I got and I think it was very important for me to get this first practice. I think my game could adapt to this format, but I really have to do some adjustments. If you play on the real tour, it’s really not the same. You to have a different tactic – a different strategy with the cards and with the way we count the points. It’s very different. So I’ll have to adapt my game definitely – maybe being a bit more courageous and more aggressive. That’s what I will be looking for.

TM: Do you feel physical ready for UTS?

AC: Today it’s a bit rough; I’m feeling my neck and I don’t feel very flexible. But overall, I think I did a good July month. I’ve been practicing a lot; playing some matches on the French tour. I’m ready for this intensity – this 10-minute strike. I’m looking forward to it; I’m looking forward to the physical fight and I think I’ll be good at it.

TM: What do you know about your three potential opponents at UTS (Brenda Fruhvirtova, Ons Jabeur and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova)?

AC: I don’t know Brenda very well. Obviously she’s 13 and she just comes up from nowhere, let’s say. So I’m really curious to see how she’s playing. I’ve heard a lot of good things about her, so we’ll see. And about Ons and Nastia – two amazing players, super talented with different tools in their game. Nastia is very powerful; Ons is very creative. So it’s gonna be awesome to have this opposition of styles.
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