Footwork Masters #2, with Daniil Medvedev: Mastering the art of moving forward

In the latest episode of Footwork Masters, Seb Proisy shares some tips on how to avoid being surprised when your opponent plays a drop shot

May 6, 2021
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Our new Footwork Masters series is focused on performance, and is aimed at all players looking to improve their game. In the first episode, Seb Proisy gave you the keys to better control your footwork – and now the second episode gives you some tips on how to avoid being surprised by a drop shot.

Trusting your shoes

To be comfortable on forward runs, you need to have confidence in your shoes. For this video, Seb Proisy uses the Lacoste AG LT-21 Ultra, used by world No 3 Daniil Medvedev since the 2021 Miami Masters 1000. This model has been available since 27 March.

“You have to pay attention to three things with your shoes. Firstly, the feeling of stability so that you can anchor your footing well. Secondly, the comfort of the heel, which will give you a feeling of lightness. Finally, the sole, to have a good grip on the surface.”

The drop shot is one of the most important shots in modern tennis. It allows you to have an extra weapon in your game and to be unpredictable in the rallies. In this episode of Footwork Masters, Seb Proisy introduces you to the four key elements you need to have a firm grasp when your opponent hits a drop shot.

1. Be ready for a forward run

“Prioritise balancing on the front of the feet and not on the heels to keep a good expansive potential. “

2. Have long strides

“Take few strides, but make them big. Make sure you create a slight balance towards the front to achieve a big and beautiful first stride.”

Daniil Medvedev, Miami, 2021
AI / Reuters / Panoramic

3. Rely on your stronger leg

“You have to rely on your stronger leg to push off – in general, the right leg for right-handed players and the left leg for left-handed players. This will allow you to play an open forehand and a backhand with the support in line. “

4. Slide on the backswing

“If you are confident in your body, you can cover the last few inches by sliding, even on hard courts.”

For more information on sliding, come back soon to check out out our third episode where Seb Proisy will teach you the art of sliding on clay.

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