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Headset Humour! Top 10 headset moments from UTS3 on-court interviews

Here we compile the best – and funniest – moments from this weekend’s UTS3 in Antwerp, with contributions from champion Alex de Minaur, Hot Shot Taylor Fritz, El Torero Feliciano Lopez and more!

October 20, 2020
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One of the best things about UTS is the chance to find out what players are thinking between quarters courtesy of their headset link-up.

In Antwerp, Dan Evans talked about his tactics (sort of), while Alex de Minaur revealed just why he was grabbing his phone and scrolling through at every available opportunity.

He got some hints and tips from brother Daniel throughout – and Feliciano Lopez got some advice from commentators Sophie Amiach and Pete Odgers, who attempted to lift his spirits.

Check out this collection of clips and enjoy the insight and the fun!

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