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Video – Novak Djokovic’s mother: “The room is dirty, with bugs…“

Novak Djokovic has been moved to a quarantine hotel after he was refused entry into Australia. The “accommodation is terrible” said Dijana Djokovic, his mother.

January 7, 2022
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Novak Djokovic‘s mother says her son is being treated like a ‘prisoner’ after he was refused entry into Australia. The 20-time grand slam champion has been moved to a quarantine hotel in Melbourne due to visa issues, and a court will decide on his deportation on Monday.

The decision came 24 hours after it was revealed the unvaccinated player had been given a medical exemption to play in this month’s Australian Open. Dijana Djokovic added that her son isn’t being treated like a human, citing the quality of accommodation and food at the hotel.

“I spoke to today with him, a couple of hours ago. He was like, good, we didn’t spoke a lot but we spoke a few minutes. And he was trying to sleep but he couldn’t. As a mother, what can I say, if you are a mother you can just imagine how can I feel. I feel terrible since yesterday, last 24 hours, that they are keeping him as a prisoner. It’s just not fair, it’s not human. So I just hope that he will be strong, as we are trying also to be very strong to give him some energy to keep on going. I hope that he will win.”

“The accommodation? Terrible. Terrible accommodation. It’s just some small immigration hotel, if it’s hotel at all, with some bugs, it’s so dirty and the food is so terrible, so what can I say. They don’t want to give him any chance to move on to some better hotel or house that he already rented. But we hope that we will manage somehow.”

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