The Playbook with Patrick Mouratoglou: What to expect from the premier tennis coach

Patrick Mouratoglou is part of Netflix’s new documentary series — The Playbook — where it features other top coaches like Jill Ellis and Jose Mourinho. Mouratoglou sits down with Jenny Drummond to discuss all facets of making the documentary.

September 28, 2020
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The producers behind “The Playbook,” which Patrick Mouratoglou is a part of, are the same crew behind another Netflix documentary called “Chef’s Table.” They both share a similar brand of storytelling by looking into someone’s upbringing and development in life and see how they got to where they are.

“Because they’re great at entering into people’s history, environment and understanding why they’re doing well in what they’re doing. That’s exactly what they’re doing with ‘Chef’s Table,’ and they had the idea to do it in sports…. At the start I didn’t want to do it; it took a few months of discussions. I ended up doing it and I’m very happy that I did.”

Patrick Mouratoglou and Serena Williams, 2019 US Open

Mouratoglou truly enjoys his job, as it helps people achieve their dreams. In turn, he felt like it’s an enjoyable experience to share his journey and insights.

“I took a lot of pleasure to share my story and why I love coaching because it’s all about life and helping people be the best they can. All of us humans have so much potential. Without a coach, it’s difficult to use all your potential to achieve what you’re going to achieve in life.”

It all began with coaching himself

Mouratoglou had to shake off some of his rust in social settings earlier in his life, but that also honed in his attention to detail that helped him along the way. One thing he realized in his development is that by constantly looking forward and enjoying the process, one can continuously progress. As he learned to harness the power of enacting positive change toward himself, he started looking at how he could do that with others, as well.

“When you look backward, you sit down and be happy but you’re stopping. Especially in sports, you’re going backwards.”

“I think we all need a coach. We’re all better with a coach.”

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