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Testing equipment #13: The best racquets for counter-punchers (like Novak Djokovic)

In the latest episode, Seb Proisy explains why some racquets are better suited to players who like to counter-punch

August 23, 2022
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If you’re a counter-puncher (like Novak Djokovic), what racquet best suits your game?

In the latest episode of Testing Equipment – and the first in a string of episodes designed to enhance your racquet choices – Seb Proisy explains why some racquets are a better fit for those players who like to use the opponent’s pace.

“A counter-puncher needs equipment that helps him or her develop that pace. A heavier racquet is going to be a lot more suited to your needs as a counter-puncher,” Proisy says. “Something that can really create stability when the ball is hit at your racquet.”

Proisy then talks through the various brands on offer for a counter-puncher, from Head to Babolat, Dunlop to Technifibre and Wilson.

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