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Testing Equipment is a video format by Seb Proisy for Tennis Majors. It will tell you what the pros use to be at their best, and what you should use to have fun and win the more matches. Racquets, shoes, strings, and everything a tennis player needs will be tested. Episode #5 is dedicated to the grip.

May 28, 2020
The figures

As the saying goes: you have to grip it to rip it.

Today on “Testing Equipment,” Seb Proisy is here to tell you everything you need to know about choosing the right grip for your racquets.

Want more topspin? Go with a smaller grip

“There is one important thing to know about how a small or big grip will affect your game. To help illustrate my point, try to clench your fist and move your wrist around. Notice how mobile we are. Now try doing the same thing while holding a tennis ball. It should be a bit more difficult.”

TestingEquipment#5 BlankProisy says that while players looking for heavier topspin should select a smaller grip just like Rafael Nadal does, other players might like a bigger grip for more stability.

“So there you have it: relatively speaking, playing with a smaller grip will allow you to play with more topspin, because your wrist will move more freely. If you like to play flat, however, a grip that feels bigger might be a good option because the racquet will be less likely to move around in your hand on off-centre shots.”

Smaller grips are easier to customise

If you are a player that likes to make subtle adjustments to your gear, then start with a smaller grip, because you can always add to make it bigger. It’s harder to do it the other way around.

“When choosing your grip size, keep in mind that it’s a lot easier to make your grip bigger than it is to make it smaller. Adding an overgrip will usually widen the grip by about half a size and only add a little weight to your racquet.”

Different brands different shapes

Keep in mind that grips come in many shapes and sizes, and that’s mainly due to the length of the bevels.

“Racquet brands have different grip shapes. You might notice that Head racquets have a more rectangular shaped grip, while Babolat or Yonex racquets have a more rounded grip. That’s because the bevels, which are the sides of the grip, come in different lengths depending on the brand. There are hundreds of replacement grips and overgrips available.”

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