The Coach and the Star #2 – Bob Sinclar

The Coach and the star is a program by Tennis Majors. Tennis coach and mastermind Patrick Mouratoglou shares a training session with a personality full of passion for the game. Here is his meeting with the French DJ Bob Sinclar

March 5, 2020
The figures

After a short warm-up, the French coach analyses Bob Sinclar’s game and assesses that he has a solid game but needs to improve his serve.

Mouratoglou decides to work on that with Sinclar during their training session, and starts with a little exercise without the racquet.

“I’ll take your racquet. Serving is throwing a ball. That’s all it is. It’s exactly the same gesture. Let’s start with throwing a ball. It starts at the wrist. That’s it, actually. The acceleration is here. A lot of people made this mistake. The wrist is important for other things. With the wrist, you decide the effects. And you also decide the directions. You’re going to reach far behind. To go far ahead. Far behind, far ahead. Without forcing, always with the wrist.”

Bob Sinclar played with French tennis stars

With this advice, Bob Sinclar tries to serve with the racquet, but uses too much of his shoulder to serve, and not the wrist.

“Now you’re pushing, you’re hurting. There’s no point. There’s no point. I understand, you’re looking for solutions. The solution is to avoid straining the shoulder. That’s the solution. The solution is to serve with your wrist. The shoulder is just following, actually. It generates the movement. The shoulder follows the acceleration of the wrist.”

In the middle of the training session, Bob talks with Patrick about his passion for tennis, which came when he was 14.

“At first, I was passionate about football, of course. Then, Yannick Noah, in 1983. I was 14 years old, already playing a bit. After that, a generation was born. The very first one I played with was Paul-Henri Mathieu. So he’s not the most extroverted, but he’s the first one who came to me. He told me: ‘Come, let’s play.’ After that, I played with Bartoli, Gasquet, Monfils… Playing with them is a little dream.”

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