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Seb Proisy on the use of shock absorbers – French Insider excerpt

The French Insider is your unmissable show during the 2020 French Open. In this excerpt of the fourth show, host Jenny Drummond talks to Seb Proisy about the history and functionality of shock absorbers.

October 4, 2020

Throughout the duration of this year’s French Open, Tennis Majors will share with you a new look at Roland-Garros with our exclusive show The French Insider. Analysis, debates, special guests… Hosted by Jenny Drummond, this program will quickly become a must-watch to know all about the third Grand Slam of the season!

In the fourth episode, racket specialist Seb Proisy talked with Drummond about shock absorbers. Proisy discussed some of the professional players who do or do not use them in their rackets, the difference between using them or not using them, and the history of shock absorbers (they were first implemented by Rene Lacoste in 1964).

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