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UTS1 Preview: The Hammer and The Rebel offer a clash of styles and personalities

Benoît Paire “The Rebel” and Matteo Berrettini “The Hammer” face each other in Ultimate Tennis Showdown Day 4. A stylistic opposition as much as a personality one.

June 21, 2020
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Hammer, meet Rebel. Today’s match is a clash of styles as much as it as a clash of personalities. The rough, rugged Italian Matteo Berrettini will look to impose himself on the edgy, complicated Rebel, Benoit Paire.

This first-time meeting promises to be an intriguing matchup of uniquely talented yet drastically different athletes. Berrettini plays it straight. He’s assertive, explosive and no nonsense.

Matteo "The Hammer" Berrettini, UTS 2020

Paire on the other hand is a tortured artist who can express his game in a variety of ways. If he’s frustrated he can implode and let the moment drown him in a sea of angst. But if the stars collide he can take his game to the stratosphere, producing mind-bending artistry with an insouciant flick of the wrist.

Which Paire will we see on Sunday? And will the hammer have his hard hat secured just in case he’s taken on a wild ride. It’s the final match of Day 4, no holds barred, let’s see what type of tennis the hammer and the rebel can provide.

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