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UTS1 Preview: Why “Domi” is in for a tough UTS debut against “The Virtuoso”

“Domi” Thiem and Richard “The Virtuoso” Gasquet are facing each other on Ultimate Tennis Showdown Day 3, in the Austrian’s first matchup in the competition.

June 20, 2020
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If it wasn’t for the heroics of Stefanos Tsitsipas on Monday, Richard Gasquet would be at the top of UTS standings right now. That’s how good “The Virtuoso” has been thus far in the South of France. But he’ll have to be even better against world No 3 Dominic Thiem, to come away with a win today. As the highest-ranked player in the field, the big ball-striking Austrian is coming to the Mouratoglou Academy with the UTS crown in sight.

How do you stop “Domi” when he’s in beast mode? 

“Very good draw, thank you. No I don’t miss him, he’s the world No 3. It will be very difficult against him”, said Richard Gasquet. 

Richard Gasquet UTS

Gasquet already beat “Domi”

The Virtuoso has already blasted 50 winners in two matches, and he played brilliantly against The Greek God Tsitsipas on Monday, earning three match points before finally falling in an epic sudden-death encounter. As for Thiem, the 26-year old will discover the format and Gasquet is eager to cash in on his experience.

“Of course he will be the favorite of the match but I have nothing to lose. I know the format, I played two times he didn’t, so maybe I have to take the advantage with this.”

“The Virtuoso” has won two of his three encounters against “Domi”. However, the last win came three years ago and since then, the Austrian has played in three Grand Slam finals. Thiem, who is one of the very few players to have the ability to sustain a single handed backhand battle with Gasquet, will try to dominate from the baseline, and will seek to begin his own UTS journey with a win.

The Virtuoso has been a drama specialist in Ultimate Tennis Showdown and having been so close to defeating Tsitsipas, he is in for another thriller versus “Domi”. Aesthetic, tactical, and intense: it’s one not to be missed!

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