Alcaraz snaps Djokovic’s record tiebreak run at Wimbledon

Carlos Alcaraz ended Novak Djokovic’s remarkable run of consecutive Grand Slam tiebreaks won at Wimbledon.

Alcaraz Wimbledon 2023 © Action Plus / Panoramic

Novak Djokovic was unbeatable at tiebreaks in 2023 – until Sunday.

The Grand Slam juggernaut had racked up 15 consecutive tiebreaks at the major in 2023, a streak that started way back at the Australian Open and ended up as the longest in history, but his run was ended in the second set of Wimbledon’s final by Alcaraz, who took the second-set tiebreak, 7-6(6).

The last player to have won a tiebreak against Djokovic was France’s Enzo Couacaud at the Australian Open, in the second round.

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