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Federer reveals he was recently stopped from entering Wimbledon by security guards

Federer revealed the funny anecdote while appearing on The Late Show with Trevor Noah on Wednesday

Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2022 Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2022

Roger Federer may be an eight-time champion at Wimbledon and one of the most beloved and recgonised athletes across the globe. But that did not get a pass through the security gates at the All England Club when the Swiss decided to stop by for a visit when he was in London two weeks ago.

The 41-year-old Swiss superstar, who left his fans and rivals in tears as he stepped away from the game in September, spoke about the hilarious anecdote when he appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Wednesday.

“It was actually two weeks ago,” Federer said ass he was in London for a doctor’s appointment. “I drive up to the gate where usually guests would come in. So I get out, and I tell my coach who was with me, ‘I’ll quickly go out and speak to the security lady. I got this. So then I get out and I’m like, ‘Hello I was wondering how I could get into Wimbledon?’ She asked if I had a membership card. When you win Wimbledon, you become a member automatically. And honestly I don’t know about membership cards, they are probably at home somewhere and I’ve just been traveling so I had no idea.”

“I thought of going over to the other side and giving the other security guard a wave, but I didn’t do it. – Federer

Federer revealed that the eventually the first security guard did not allow him in. “I told her, ‘No I don’t have my membership card, but I am a member. I’m just wondering where I can get in,’” Federer added. “I’m like, ‘No, I am a member and normally when I’m here, I’m playing. And now it’s the first time the tournament is not on and I’m here.’ I look at her in a panic one last time, and say, ‘I’m so sorry but I have won this tournament eight times, please, believe me, I am a member.”

The Swiss, winner of 20 Grand Slam titles, admitted that he was then tried to enterfrom another gate where the security guard did recognise him and allowed him in.

“The security guard standing there says, ‘Oh my god, Mr. Federer what are you doing here? Do you have your membership card? I said I don’t, but the security guard let me in and organized it all. And I thought of going over to the other side and giving the other security guard a wave, but I didn’t do it.”

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