“I trust Simona Halep 100%. Together, we will fight to prove the truth” – Mouratoglou

Mouratoglou has been working with Halep since April of this year

Simona Halep and Patrick Mouratoglou Simona Halep and Patrick Mouratoglou Image Credit: Antoine Couvercelle / Panoramic

Patrick Mouratolgou (co-founder of Tennis Majors) who has been coaching Simona Halep since April this year, has issued a statement in support of the former world No 1 calling the Romanian a ‘model of integrity’ and reiterating that he trusts her 100%.

Last week, Halep announced that she had tested positive for a banned substance at the US Open, where she lost in the first round, and had been provisionally suspended. The Romanian, who had decided to end her season a few days prior to learning about the test result, has strongly denied the charges, saying that she has never willingly or knowingly taken any banned substance.

In his statement Mouratgolou said, “Hi, everyone. First of all, I want to express how much of a shock our team has been in since Simona informed me about the positive doping test at the US Open. In almost 30 years of working with hundreds of professional athletes, I have never faced a situation like this.”

“I appreciate that many of the people from the tennis world who have closely worked with Simona or have known her personally for many years have spoken up. I want to thank these people for expressing loudly in such an important moment that Simona is a woman of value. Their words of certitude convey a strong message, which I stand by,” Mouratoglou continued.

“Since Simona positive test last week, I have chosen to stay relatively silent. My priority has been to put my energy into helping her and supporting her in establishing the truth every day. Knowing Simona so well, I can assure you that she is a model of integrity. She is totally against any form of doping, and I know that it has never crossed her mind to take any forbidden substance. I trust her 100%. Together, we will fight to prove the truth.”

Halep’s former long-time coach, Darren Cahill, and several of her fellow peers from Romania and other countries on the WTA Tour had also issued statements and messages in support of the two-time Grand Slam champion, who is currently ranked 10th in the world.

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