Schedule, teams, name, venue: 10 questions about the Billie Jean King Cup

Previously known as the Fed Cup, this women’s team competition was renamed the Billie Jean King Cup in September of 2020.

Fed Cup

When will the Billie Jean King Cup take place in 2021?

The Billie Jean King Cup Finals had been scheduled for April 13-18, 2021, but it was announced on February 18 that the event will be postponed until later in the year because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The finals will now take place between November 1 and 6.

Playoff ties, in which teams are trying to play their way into future Finals, proceeded as scheduled in April.

When was it named the Billie Jean King Cup?

Previously known as the Fed Cup, this women’s team competition was renamed the Billie Jean King Cup in September of 2020. This year will be the first that it is played under the Billie Jean King Cup name, as the event was cancelled in 2020 because of the coronavirus.

Where is it being held?

The Billie Jean King Cup Finals are being held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Playoff ties are being held on a home-and-away basis. Host nations can choose the venue and the surface.

Who is the reigning champion?

There was no tournament in 2020, so France are the defending champions after lifting the trophy in 2019. They defeated Australia 3-2 at RAC Arena in Perth, Australia.

Who has won the most titles?

The United States are the all-time leaders in cup titles with 18, first triumphing in 1963 and most recently being crowned champions in 2017.

Currently ranking second is the Czech Republic with 11 titles, followed by Australia (seven), Spain (five), Russia (four), and Italy (four). Other countries that have won it multiple times are France (three) and Germany (two).

When did the event begin?

This team competition dates back to 1963. It had been held every year since then before being cancelled in 2020.

Who is in the Finals in 2021?

The 12 teams that qualified for this year’s Billie Jean King Cup Finals are France, Australia, United States, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

What is the Finals draw for 2021?

Group A: France (1), Russia, Canada
Group B: Australia (2), Belarus, Belgium
Group C: USA (3), Spain, Slovakia
Group D: Czech Republic (4), Germany, Switzerland

How is next year’s field determined?

The champion and runner-up will automatically qualify for the 2022 BJKC Finals. The nations that finish third through 12th will contest the 2022 playoff qualifiers. Those teams will also be eligible to receive a wild card into the 2022 Finals, along with the winners of the 2021 playoffs.

What did the ITF say about the 2021 postponement?

ITF President David Haggerty: “Everyone involved in this competition hoped that we would not be in this position, but unfortunately the Covid-19 situation remains serious and restricting. Health and safety comes first. Together with the NSA, and in consultation with the WTA, we are in the process of finalising new dates. We continue to work our hardest to deliver a spectacular Finals event in 2021 and, like the players and fans, as well as Billie Jean herself, we are all looking forward to a memorable Billie Jean King Cup Finals later in the year.”

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