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The quotes of 2022: Episode 7 – Del Potro: “I’m happy, because I’m retiring, probably, on the court”

To end 2022, Tennis Majors offers you a review, in chronological order and in series format, on the outstanding, inspiring or funny quotes of the year. Episode seven, Juan Martin del Potro’s tearful retirement announcement

Juan Martin del Potro retires Zuma / Panoramic

He was in tears. So were those who listened to him. On February 9, 2022, even though he did not fully close the door, Juan Martín del Potro put his racquets away. Despite almost three years without competition, his right knee, which has been operated on four times, is causing him too much pain. He has to stop.

“It was the first time I played in front of my mother (in a professional tournament),” said the Argentine, throat tight, eyes wet, during a 10-minute speech after his defeat against his compatriot Federico Delbonis in the first round of the Buenos Aires tournament. “I gave everything, until the last point (…) I’m happy, because I’m retiring, probably, on the court and not in the press conference.”

I want to live without pain in my knee at night, to live in peace

Juan Martin del Potro

“This is a moment I never wanted to see happen. My health is pushing me to make a decision. I am not as strong as many people think…I want to live without knee pain at night. I want to live in peace, with a body that allows me to do what I want to do…I will always leave the door open (to tennis), but today it is a total stop. Tennis has been put on the back burner.

Damn dust in the eye.

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