Federer’s advice for wanabee stars: “You’ve got to be strong-willed to pull through”

The Swiss says surrounding yourself with the right people and staying mentally strong is the key to success

Roger Federer Zuma / Panoramic

Roger Federer is enjoying his retirement, more relaxed at “not having to put my body through the ringer when I’m just not ready to play”. “It’s a big relief,” he says.

In an interview with NBC Bay Area, Federer said he is staying fit, working out four times a week in the gym he put in soon after retirement, but still doing rehab on the knee injury that eventually forced him to call time on his incredible career, in September 2022.

In San Francisco for the announcement that the city will hold the Laver Cup – a tournament co-founded by Federer – the Swiss also offered his advice for any young player considering trying to make it as a professional.

“Well, number one, tennis is a great sport,” the former world No 1 said. “To do sport is very important for your heath or your liftestyle, you meet same-minded people.

“Chase your dreams”

“Then I think you have to chase your dreams, for sure. If you want to be a professional tennis player you’ve got to give it your best, you’ve got to listen to your coaches, your parents., but also you’ve got to be strong yourself and strong-willed to pull through because clearly you’re not going to wake up every day feeling like oh my God, I’m so happy to play tennis. You’ve to grind, you’ve got to do it.

“And I always say, you’ve got to shoot for the stars and land on the moon. You’ve got to have high hopes, big dreams and surround yourself with the right people of course and put in the extra work and hopefully that will all work out.”

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