“I don’t believe in ends of eras” – Mouratoglou on one-handed backhand dropping out of ATP Top 10

The coach explains why fans shouldn’t be too sad about the loss of the one-handed backhand from the ATP Top 10

Stefanos Tsitsipas Stefanos Tsitsipas hits a backhand at the 2023 US Open (Zuma/Panoramic)

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou understands why fans are emotional about the absence of any one-handed backhands in the current ATP Top 10 – but he says not to worry too much.

“It’s one of the best shots possible in tennis,” he says in a video posted on his Instagram.

But despite Roger Federer winning 20 Grand Slams and Stan Wawrinka winning three with the one-handed backhand as part of their arsenal, in today’s game the shot can make many things more difficult.

“It’s more difficult to return, it’s more difficult to counterpunch with one hand,” says the Frenchman.

But he says that the one-handed backhand may yet make a resurgence.

“I’m sure that there will be here and there big champions with one-handed backhands,” he adds.

“I don’t believe in end of eras. Everything is possible for anyone with qualities.”

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