Sam Stosur named captain of Australia’s BJK Cup team

Stosur replaces Alicia Molik in the role, having won 39 matches in the competition as a player

Samantha Stosur, Australian Open 2022 AI / Reuters / Panoramic

Sam Stosur, a stalwart of Australia’s Billie Jean King Cup team for two decades, has been named as the country’s new captain in the competition.

The news was revealed at the Newcombe Medal, with Stosur, who retired as a player earlier in 2023, replacing Alicia Molik as captain.

“You can’t really explain until you’re in that situation to know what it’s going to feel like going on a court to play in Billie Jean King Cup, compared to a normal tournament – even the first time playing the Australian Open. It really, truly is a different experience,” Stosur told

“So I know I’ve got all these different areas of my own playing career that I can pull from. Having that understanding, when someone’s really nervous or something, to know, ‘oh yeah I totally get it’’. It’s not going to be a surprise if that happens. You can then try and navigate that together and come out on top, or in a good way.”

Picking up where Molik left off

“Alicia’s done an amazing job in this role, with her leadership with the players. Everyone always wants to be part of the team; there’s a great team culture. The two finals that we made … everyone’s very, very proud of that and hopefully one day we can go that one step further.”

Stosur played 24 ties for Australia, winning a national record of 29 singles ties and winning 10 of her 11 doubles matches.

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