Griekspoor reveals Nadal prediction after practice sessions: “I said after two days of training that he will win Roland-Garros”

The Dutchman was mightily impressed after training with Nadal for three days in Mallorca

Rafael Nadal RG Zuma / Panoramic

Tallon Griekspoor probably has as good an idea as anyone about the level Rafael Nadal is likely to hit when he plays Alexander Zverev in the first round at Roland-Garros on Monday,

After weeks of doubt and questions about whether he would even play in Paris, Nadal was upbeat when he talked on Friday, saying he’s been practising well and finally almost free of limitations after injury.

And even just one week short of his 38th birthday, that could spell trouble for Zverev, and as far as Griekspoor is concerned, everyone else at Roland-Garros, where Nadal has won a record 14 times

“It was very nice days, especially considering the stage his career is in now,” Griekspoor told Dutch press at Roland-Garros on Sunday, in quotes reported by

“On the first day it was all not great, but on the second day he showed an incredible level. The intensity he puts into a training session is incredible. He trains like he plays a match.”

“I told a lot of people after that second day of training that he is going to win Roland Garros. His coach Carlos Moyá also said this was his best training in three months.”

It was Moya who called Griekspoor to train with Nadal, the Spaniard keen to test himself against a big-server.

“I hear he hasn’t lost a practice set in Paris”

The pair trained for three days and though Zverev, on a high after winning the title in Rome a week ago, presents the toughest of challenges, for Griekspoor, anything is possible.

“His draw just doesn’t help,” he said. “But I hear from everyone that he hasn’t lost a practice set here in Paris yet, so I’m very curious. A Nadal in Paris is a Nadal of a different order.”

Griekspoor could face Nadal in the third round, if the results pan out that way, but though the Dutchman is a big fan of Nadal, he will not ask him for a photo or a shirt, as Pedro Cachin did in Madrid earlier this month. “I’m not one of those people who is going to ask for that, no,” he said.

“I can meet him here in the third round. Then, if you asked him for a photo two weeks earlier, you are already 2-0 behind. Nadal was always an idol of mine, but he is now also just a competitor.”

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