Nadal avoids taking stand on Wimbledon points controversy: “I won’t be the player putting the board in a tough position”

Rafael Nadal tried to explain that his view didn’t count on the decision made by the ATP to cancel Wimbledon 2022 points

Rafael Nadal at Roland-Garros in 2022 Rafael Nadal of Spain during the Day two of Roland-Garros 2022, French Open 2022, Grand Slam tennis tournament at the Roland-Garros stadium on May 23, 2022 in Paris, France. (Zuma/Panoramic)

Rafael Nadal was asked about his position on the ATP’s decision to to remove ranking points from Wimbledon for 2022, as a consequence of the All England Club’s decision to ban Russian and Belarussian players from the competition. But the Spaniard refused to be drawn into taking a stance, expressing a very balanced position between the two governing bodies, and making clear his regret that players were still unable to unify.

“I don’t have a clear opinion. In our tour, every single player have a different opinion, and that’s why we never achieve the things that we could achieve if we were be together,” said Nadal, during his press conference on Monday after winning against Jordan Thompson in the first round of Roland-Garros.

He added: “I respect and I understand Wimbledon’s position, without a doubt, but in the other hand, I understand and I respect too that the ATP is protecting their members [the players – editor’s note]. That’s it. Is not that one is doing a negative thing and the other one is doing the good thing. Everyone half.

“I think players, we are not prepared enough well to make important decisions, because at the end is an individual sport. Everyone have their personal view in terms of how much profit they get from every single decision that ATP gets. At the end, I understand both sides. The board, the ATP board, make a decision. We need to accept that decision. I will not be the player who comes here and who put my board in a tough position for decision that they make. That’s my point of view,” he observed.

But he accepted that the discussions on this topic might not be closed, as Naomi Osaka said a few hours sonner at the same desk.

He concluded: “Hopefully ATP and Wimbledon can be together and sit together and negotiate a better future for both sides.”

Reflecting on his performance on the court, he said that his win over Jordan Thompson was “a good start” but he intends to “improve (his) movement. For moments, the speed of my forehand could be better and should be better.”

He will face France’s Corentin Moutet in the next round.

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