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Eye of the coach #79: “Alcaraz doesn’t belong in the Big 3”

In the latest episode of the Eye of the coach, Patrick Mouratoglou is saying that Carlos Alcaraz is not a Big 3 player.

August 9, 2023
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Patrick Mouratoglou believes that the label of Big 3 should not be applied to world No 1 Carlos Alcaraz because the Spaniard is still far away from the achievements of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

In the latest episode of Eye of the Coach, Mouratoglou says Alcaraz has put himself in an incredible position by winning two Grand Slams at the age of 20 but insists there is no Big 3 at the moment on the tour since it’s a two-way race between the Spaniard and Djokovic for the No 1 spot.

“There is Novak (Djokovic) who is dominating the game and then Carlos comes in, wins two Grand Slams at 20 years old, and is in a position that is incredible, and he shows incredible qualities. If you look at the game today, there is Novak and Carlos, Daniil, who’s very close, and all the others, they’re under,” the French coach said.

Key Moments of Eye of the Coach

  • 0:06 – The difference between the current era and the Big 3 era
  • 0:18 – The current state of the game and the leading contenders
  • 0:25 – Why the Big 3 label does not hold for the current state on the ATP Tour
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