Testing Equipment #17: The best racquet specs for players who like to slice

In the latest episode of Testing Equipment, Seb Proisy reveals which kind of racquets and which specs are best for players who like to slice the ball

November 28, 2022
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The slice has been a victim of modern times in the tennis world, a discarded option for most of the world’s top players as the power game has taken over.

But when it is performed well, it can still be a big weapon in tennis, just as it was for the likes of Tim Henman, Stefan Edberg and more recently Roger Federer, Agnieska Radwanska, Matteo Berrettini and Ons Jabeur.

In the latest episode of Testing Equipment, Seb Priosy reveals which racquets are good for the players who like to slice and discusses the kinds of strings and string patterns that respond best to the slice.

Highlighting Berrettini as one of the few players who like to slice a lot, Proisy talks about trying to “bite the ball” and explains that a more open string pattern is best for slicing the ball. “I can tell you that Matteo Berrettini definitely plays with a 16-19 string pattern,” he says.

Berrettini is one of the few players who likes to slice the ball regularly – @ Zuma / Panoramic

Hybrid string set-up the way to go

Proisy explains that using hybrid strings is the best plan when it comes to players who like to slice.

“For the slice, it gives you a lot better feel,” Proisy says. “I personally feel my slice a lot better with a hybrid than with a full polyester.”

Proisy says the Dunlop FX500, the racquet he is using, is good for players who like to slice. “A good slice doesn’t require a big backswing,” he says. “It’s quite similar to a volley, a compact swing. So having a racquet heavy enough to block those heavy balls is also crucial.”

To sum up, Proisy says the three things you want if you like to slice are a racquet heavy enough, an open string pattern and a hybrid string set-up.

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