Testing equipment #14: The best racquets to create heavy spin (like Rafael Nadal)

In this edition of “Testing Equipment” Seb Proisy shares tips on how to get the most spin out of your game, from specific racquets to specs to string setups.

September 19, 2022
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The figures

Want to hit heavy topspin that explodes off the clay and creates chaos for your opponent? Fancy yourself a Rafael Nadal in the making?

That’s great you have a plan. Now, to follow through with the plan you must have the right racquet and set up.

In this edition of “Testing Equipment”, host Seb Proisy guides you through the key steps to get the most spin out of your game.

Get the right strings and gear

As far as strings go, Proisy says the following: “You want to use something that is going to allow you to bite the ball more when you hit.” To do that, Proisy says, choose a full set of polyester strings and find a racquet that is slightly head-heavy racquet, a thicker frame, a high stiffness rating and an open string pattern.

In the market for a new racquet? Stay tuned to the video as Proisy recommends several models that might suit your spin-heavy mission.

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