Testing Equipment #15: The best racquets for players suffering from tennis elbow

In the latest episode of Testing Equipment, Seb Proisy explains the best kind of racquets to use for players struggling with elbow pain

September 29, 2022
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The majority of tennis players, both amateurs and professionals, have already experienced elbow pain in their lives, more commonly known as “tennis elbow”. It’s a discomfort that can quickly increase and prevent players from playing. In the latest episode of “Testing Equipment”, Seb Proisy explains how to choose the right racquet if you have pain in this area. 

Choosing the right equipment will help reduce the pain and even make it go away. In this video, Seb Proisy advises players who suffer from tennis elbow to adopt a more flexible racquet that will more easily absorb some of the shock from the ball’s impact.

The weight of the racquet is also important. A racquet that is too light is also not good for the arm, which will tire very quickly and become fragile. A racquet with a little more weight will allow the arm to be supported during the movement until impact. The lighter the material, the greater the risk of injury,” Proisy says.

The strings are equally important

The type of racquet and its weight will have an influence on your arm, especially on your elbow. But the type of string you choose is also very important for pain relief. The most suitable string for players with tennis elbow is a soft string, like natural and synthetic gut. 

“If you want to keep polyester strings, you should definitely try a hybrid configuration,” Proisy says. “In my case, simply switching to a hybrid setup was enough to reduce the pain in my tennis elbow.

Finally, he recommends the Head Gravity and the Wilson Clash, racquets known for their greater flexibility.

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