Tips of the coach #1: The volley

In our new video format “Tips of the coach”, Patrick Mouratoglou gives you tips and advice to improve your tennis. In the first episode, Serena Williams’ coach focuses on an essential aspect of the game, the volley. 

December 3, 2021
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The figures

The volley is one of the most important shots in tennis. To improve it, Patrick Mouratoglou gives you tips in our new video format “Tips of the coach”.

In the first tip, Patrick Mouratoglou talks to two young players, Marion Sarfati and Saraa Rakim. 

« Many players make big movements with their arms, and don’t move their legs, and it should be the opposite. » On the volley, the most important thing is to be explosive on the legs and to have a very short movement with the arms. 

The slice is important

In the second tip with Ksenia Efremova, Patrick Mouratoglou explains that to have a good volley, you have to use the slice. It’s especially important when the ball is low on the net because it will allow you to reaccelerate the ball.

« If you play flat, you’re going to hit the net. »

Use your leg as a cane 

In the third and final tip, Patrick Mouratoglou shows a young player from his academy, Raffael Schaer, the importance of having good support with the legs before doing the volley. 

« You have to use your leg as a cane to be in a solid position before the volley. »

« Create the ideal situation and then you can play the volley. Rather than playing before having it. »

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