EXCLUSIVE: Aneke Rune – “Raising a champion” #2

Behind every champion, there’s the parents. Most of them are very involved in their child’s careers. Meet Holger Rune’s mother, Aneke Rune. It’s our episode #2.

March 4, 2020
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In this episode, meet Aneke Rune, Holger Rune’s mother. At 16, Holger is one of the most promising players of his generation and a rising star of tennis. He won the junior French Open in 2019. His mother believes in him and follows him on tournaments since he began playing.

“It’s important, if you can feel they have a dream, to support them in their dream, whatever it is.

Aneke Rune follows her son during every tournament and practice. It was important for her and it’s still important for him.

“He was a little boy, it wouldn’t be nice to send him along with the coach. He was 10 or 11 years old. He needed his mother.” “I think she will keep coming with me to the tournaments, explains Holger. She helps me relax after matches or when I’m tired after practices. She’s like a mental coach for me.

As a child, Holger Rune wanted to be Federer

When he was a child, Holger Rune didn’t want to be fireman or policeman, like others. He wanted to be Roger Federer. In Denmark, he was considered like a “freak” and his family decided to help the young player to achieve his dream and to travel internationnaly.

It’s difficult to be the only one in Denmark with that big dream. And no one around him understands what is going on. So, he’s a freak in Denmark. He’s not like the others. He doesn’t want to be like the others. When we have been home for a week, he’s like: ‘When do we leave? Now I’ve been enough in Denmark. I want to go back to where I belong.’He sees himself in the tennis world. He likes being in an environment where there are people like him. And being in London or being at the Mouratoglou Academy then, he’s not a freak anymore. Then, he’s one of the guys.

Tennis is very important for Holger since he’s a child. He lives for that and also for competition. First place or nothing for him.

“When he was young, he wanted as well to play tournaments. I was like : ‘You’re too small and you’re not good enough.’ They had these foam ball tournaments. We decided he could try. Then, he became runner-up in this tournament. But he didn’t want to accept the trophy. He wanted to be No. 1.

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  1. In my humble opinion, I think his attitude is totally wrong ! Lack of sportsmanship. He needs to understand you can’t be number one all the time, especially at this young age. He should understand as long as you have tried your best , it’s okay to be number two or three, and should learn to be satisfied with the results. There’s always another match, you can learn from your last match and try to improve.
    There’s a LONG way to go. Also to be a polite, nice and fair person is MORE important than being a top
    tennis player. I He needs to realize he is not the only person in this world. Be respectful to others, relax and try your best, and have some fun. Be a happy person!
    It is good to have a competitive spirit but don’t ignore the basic common sense. It’s not too late for Mrs. Rune to teach him this .

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