Why the WTA results are so inconsistent – Eye of the Coach #25

In episode #25 of Eye of the Coach, Patrick Mouratoglou talks about the reasons of the inconsistency of WTA results.

October 1, 2020
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The figures

One reason why the WTA Tour is so entertaining to watch these days is because it throws up such a diversity of results. It often appears that on any given day, any player in the top 100 or even outside can beat anyone in the top 20.

And, according to Patrick Mouratoglou in the latest ‘Eye of the Coach’, there is a very simple reason as to why this is happening. And it’s because players are changing their coach far too often.

“I think one explanation that would make sense is that there are so many changes of coach all the time,” says Mouratoglou. “To reach a high level and be consistent at that level, you need consistency day after day. The consistency comes with the project. The project comes with a coach that comes to the player because the player wants to work with him or with her and says, ok, this is my view of your game.

Madison Keys and her coach, Roland-Garros, 2019

“This is the thing we need to work on, this is the project for you to reach that level. And you have to believe in your coach and in the process. You have to accept if you go slowly, but you feel you’re going in the right direction and you’re not changing because you have a setback, because you lose a match, because you are angry. You know, you need consistency. I feel, and this is a fact on the WTA Tour, players are changing so often their coaches. The thing is that it’s important to understand is that every time you have a new coach, he comes with new ideas, you are starting over. He comes with a new view on your tennis, new things to work on.”

Mouratoglou: “You don’t know what to think any more because there are so many different ideas all the time”

For Mouratoglou, too much chopping and changing and too many different ideas leads to inconsistency. And that is why we are seeing so many strange results on the tour.

“You know, the shortest point from… the shortest way from this point to this point is the line but when you go there then there, then there, then there all the time, first of all you’re not sure to arrive at the point you want to and second, you lose time, you lose your way.

“At some point you don’t know what to think any more because there are so many different ideas all the time. So there is a direct link between sticking with a coach for a long time with a project and not doing it. The results speak for themselves.”

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