Alcaraz: “It’s difficult to play my best tennis every match”

Nobody can play their best tennis in every match, says the defending Wimbledon champion

Carlos Alcaraz Carlos Alcaraz (Gepa/Panoramic)

Carlos Alcaraz continued his quest to defend his Wimbledon title, beating Tommy Paul in four sets to reach the semi-finals.

And he told the press afterwards that he isn’t going to play scintillating tennis in every match – but he’ll be looking for the best way to win.

“Well, we try just to find solutions,” he said. “For me obviously is going to be really difficult to play my best tennis every match. I know that there are going to be some matches that I’m not going to find my best tennis even though I have to try to win it.

“I think that what the big three did along their career, they are not going to play his best tennis. Even like that, they are going to find their good tennis just to win those matches. That what I’m thinking.

“When I’m not playing my best tennis, I’m going to try to find solutions just to be a bit better, just to beat the opponent. Sometimes going to be difficult to do it, but sometimes like these matches I didn’t play brilliant, but I played enough level just to beat those matches.”

“Medvedev is like a wall”

Alcaraz will next face Daniil Medvedev for a place in the Wimbledon final, and reflected on the prospect of playing the Russian.

“The most difficult thing about facing Daniil, or the most special thing about him, is he can reach every ball. Well, he is like a wall. Every ball bounce back.

“I feel like I can hit an unbelievable shot, the ball is going to bounce back. Is difficult to play thinking about that. So I going to say that’s the most special thing about Daniil.”

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