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“I cried from pain, sadness and joy” – Caroline Garcia opens up and reflects on her remarkable 2022 season

Caroline Garcia made an emotional post on social media, sharing details of the incredible journey that took her from doubtful to dominant in 2022.

Caroline Garcia, WTA Finals 2022 Caroline Garcia, WTA Finals 2022 | © Zuma / Panoramic

“I cried from pain, sadness and joy in eleven months but I learned so much about myself as a player and as a person,” writes Caroline Garcia in a heartfelt message, shared on social media.

The Frenchwoman, who climbed from 75 to 4 in the final six months of a season, winning four titles including the prestigious WTA Finals, shared details of her emotional journey, and how she was able to turn the corner from a doubtful, injury-plagued player to a dominant force.

It was not easy. In her message Garcia details her injury struggles, and the feeling of doom that surrounded her as she searched for a way to find better tennis through better health.

“Several times I was invaded by doubts, let myself be overwhelmed by the negative. I questioned the universe, told myself that maybe my luck had passed, that I would never succeed again,” she wrote. “I’ve had sleepless nights, binge eating; I cried in my hotel room, cried on tennis court, have been on crutches, swore, relearned to walk…

“I suffered physically and mentally but I also learned from every moment, every difficulty. My foot injury made me realize how much I wanted to come back to the courts and above all play my real game, the one I like to watch offensive tennis. I love going to the net, hitting winners drop volleys, slamming aces to be inside the courts on the return.”

Now that she has finished the season inside the top-4, 29-year-old Garcia says she plans to continue her improvements in 2023.

“I have the feeling that I can still improve my game so much,” she wrote. “I like to push my limits, challenge myself and I’d like to play that way. It’s time to decompress, digest and enjoy living the present moment.”

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