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“It would be nice if we had women’s matches as well” – Swiatek on night sessions at Roland-Garros

Iga Swiatek admits that she prefers to play during the day, but that it would be nice to see some variety for the evening sessions which have, so far, only held men’s matches

Iga Swiatek, RG, 2023 Iga Swiatek at Roland-Garros (Federico Pestellini/Panoramic)

Iga Swiatek‘s game is well-suited to clay court tennis in dry and hot conditions under the Parisian sun.

With such topspin-heavy game, the world No 1 thrives in warmer conditions on the clay, where she can generate a devilish amount of kick of her shots.

It is not a surprise, therefore, to hear that she would rather play during the day at this year’s Roland-Garros than in the night sessions. Swiatek also feels that, after a 1am finish at the Madrid Open, she has done her late-night match shifts.

Swiatek suited to the day sessions at Roland-Garros

“I have to tell you that I kind of requested every day to play a day session because I felt like I played already night sessions in this clay court swing,” she told reporters.

However, when asked about the evening sessions, Swiatek admitted that – although she hasn’t been watching them – a women’s match to be scheduled under the lights would be a good thing.

“Well, I didn’t even, like, kind of know this because I’m not watching these late evening matches. I’m mostly just kind of recovering and not thinking about tennis.

“But obviously it would be nice if we had women’s matches as well.”

Unhappy memories of late-night finish at Madrid Open

Swiatek has said that she will be ready to play a night match if and when required, but that she hopes it will not be a repeat of the late finish in Madrid, something the world No 1 was clearly irritated about after losing to Sabalenka in the final.

“So in terms of regeneration, recovery, and just kind of being in a good rhythm and also keeping better mindset through the end of the tournament, I think it’s more healthy for me to play day sessions. But I’ll be also ready for night sessions. I already played many of them this year or last year.

“Honestly, if there is a pretty big request, I always kind of adjust. Then maybe if I play many night sessions during a tournament and I kind of straightforwardly said that, please, if you could schedule me a little bit earlier, that would be nice.

“I may get a little bit frustrated as I did in Madrid. You could see in my speech. Maybe I should have said that. I also understand that there is sometimes a need for us to play late.”

Swiatek is next due to play on Saturday, the order of play for which will be released on Friday.

She will take on Chinese player Xinyu Wang in the third round, as she continues her bid for her first ever Grand Slam title defence.

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