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Netflix unveils trailer on Naomi Osaka docu-series

The docu-series titled “Naomi Osaka” is scheduled for release on July 16

Naomi Osaka, Rome 2021

“No one really knows all the sacrifices that you make… Just to be good. Before I won the US Open (in 2018), so many people told my dad that I would never be anything.” These are the words that kick off the Netflix trailer for the docu-series dedicated based on four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka.

The docu-series will be in three episodes of 40 minutes each and promises to plunge viewers “into the heart of the life of one of the best players in the world”, according to the synopsis. The series traces the recent results of the Japanese, and the period when “she begins to find her voice” – notably “wearing masks in support of Black Lives Matter” in each of her seven matches as she marched on to the 2020 U.S. Open title, and mourning the death of “her mentor Kobe Bryant.

Available on July 16, “Naomi Osaka” also explains talks about the inner turmoil in recent times for the former world No 1. “She was like an overnight superstar. And I think that pressure weighs heavily on her. this pressure weighed a lot on her,” another voice says in the trailer. “I think the amount of attention I get is ridiculous,” Osaka’s voice is heard saying. “No one prepares you for that. I don’t know… I feel like I’m struggling.”



Naomi Osaka hit the headlines a few weeks ago after announcing that she would not take part in the mandatory press conferences at the French Open. Her statement caused a severe backlash. After her first round win in the tournament, the Japanese player was fined $15,000 for skipping her first round press conference and threatened with further fines and a possible expulsion from the event.

Following that, Osaka withdrew from the tournament before her second round match and then also pulled out of the ongoing Wimbledon Championships. She has confirmed that she will play in the Tokyo Olympics later this month, where she is expected to be one of the biggest attractions.

“I am preparing little by little in order to be at my best,” she said in a message to NHK relayed by AFP. “I spent a lot of time with my family. I can peacefully come down in pressure, mentally and physically.”

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