Satisfied Garcia happy to show more of her personality to fans via Netflix

The Frenchwoman was beaten in the Lyon final on Sunday but says she’s more relaxed these days

Caroline Garcia Lyon smiling Sandrine Thesillat / Panoramic

Caroline Garcia may have missed out on a first Lyon title at the weekend but as she plots her way through the calendar this year, she says she’s more relaxed and feeling less stress on big occasions.

Garca was beaten 7-6 (7), 7-5 by rising American Alycia Parks, who picked up her first title. But the world No 5 says she is feeling better and better about her ability to cope with pressure.

“I found the right balance as the tournament went on and the right attitude, the one that will really help me to keep going and win matches, without this unnecessary tension and negative stress,” she told L’Equipe.

“Of course there was stress, but it allowed me to go out and get my matches and hang in there today.”

Garcia agrees to be followed by Netflix cameras

Garcia also felt relaxed enough to agree to be followed by Netflix’s cameras as part of the second season of Break Point, the new drama aimed at bringing new people to tennis in the same way “Drive to Survive” has done for Formula 1.

“I felt it wasn’t the right time in Melbourne to get into it,” said Garcia, on being initially asked to join the series at the Australian Open.

“I also wanted to skip the tournament and watch season 1. I watched it on the plane home and I was hooked. A lot of the players and I wanted to share a little bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff. It was fun to have them at the beginning of the week, it gave a new energy.”

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