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A collection for the U100 players by Tsitsipas and Mouratoglou

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Patrick Mouratoglou launched a platform called Beyond 100 Support to collect money for the players ranked beyond the Top 100.

Stefanos Tsitsipas, his father and Patrick Mouratoglou Stefanos Tsitsipas, his father and Patrick Mouratoglou

Patrick Mouratoglou made a call for help to the low-ranked players, deprived of any income during the coronavirus outbreak. Now he shows intent is truly here by a common action with the Greek player Stefanos Tsitsipas. The two men « join forces to support ATP & WTA players ranked beyond the top 100 », as the wrote in a statement, Thursday, to launch Beyond 100 Support.

« Together, Patrick Mouratoglou and Stefanos Tsitsipas — who has been training at the Mouratoglou Academy since 2014 — are proud to announce the launching of “Beyond 100 Support”, an auction platform destined, as its name implies, to support players beyond the top 100, both in the ATP and WTA rankings. The concern for unity between both tours appeared more fundamental than ever. »

« Funds raised through the “Beyond 100 Support” platform will contribute towards a broader approach by the ATP and WTA aimed at supporting lower ranked players during this challenging period. »

Stefanos Tsitsipas, now number 6 in the world, but who was beyond Top 100 in 2017, writes :

« As the youngest player in the top 10, I feel responsible to help the future of tennis. I understand how critical it is for the sustainability of both ATP and WTA players ranked beyond the top 100 and how difficult it is to make a living from professional tennis, especially with no tennis events going on for an undefined period of time. Through the creation of “Beyond 100 Support”, I hope to start a movement that my fellow players will follow suit. »

Patrick Mouratoglou repeats :

« The situation of players ranked beyond the top 100 is becoming more and more worrying as they might not be able to pursue their careers — their passions — if the current health crisis were to last for too long. “Beyond 100 Support” emerged as a much-needed initiative to improve the conditions of those players in the immediate term, and gives us more time to build a solution for the long term. »

You are free to contribute here or to share the link.

ATP and WTA made their own player relief program.

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