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The Quotes of 2022, Episode 10 – Nick Kyrgios and Ben Stiller

As 2022 comes to an end, Tennis Majors offers you a return, in chronological order and in series format, on the striking, inspiring or funny quotes of the year. Our 10th episode features Nick Kyrgios and Ben Stiller

Nick Kyrgios and Ben Stiller at the 2022 Indian Wells Masters Nick Kyrgios and Ben Stiller at the 2022 Indian Wells Masters Image Credit: Icon SMI / Panoramic

Comic, dramatic, tragic, spectacular… Like a complete actor, Nick Kyrgios can offer any type of sequence on a tennis court. So, when he sees an actor present in the stands, he can’t help but improvise a scene. Like in Indian Wells, on March 18, in the middle of his quarter-final clash against Rafael Nadal.

– Nick Kyrgios, to a spectator sitting in Ben Stiller’s row: Are you playing? Are you good at tennis?
– Spectator: No.
Nick Kyrgios: Exactly. So why are you talking?
– Nick Kyrgios, pointing to Ben Stiller with his racket: Do I tell him how to act? No.


Ben Stiller

A few weeks later, Ben Stiller reacted to this scene. “Nick Kyrgios kept telling himself, ‘Man, pass your first serve,'” he told The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. “And a man sitting next to me decided to say, ‘Yeah, put your first serve in the court.’

Then Kyrgios looked at me and said, ‘Do I tell him how to act?’ But I hadn’t heard right, I wasn’t sure he was talking to me. And it went viral.”

Even though Nick Kyrgios does not allow himself to tell Ben Stiller how to act, he could surely give the actor a few tennis lessons.

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