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Medvedev: “I want to dream again and I’m dreaming again”

The Russian player was asked if things had changed since his post-Australian Open final statement, about him stopping to dream because of the crowd’s reaction during the final

Daniil_Mevdeve_Australian_Open_2022 ©AP Photo/Andy Brownbill)

World No 2 Daniil Medvedev was asked about his motivation, four months after his defeat in the final of the Australian Open on Media Day at Roland-Garros.

A reporter asked the Russian in the Roland-Garros press room: “Last time we saw you at a Grand Slam in a press conference was obviously after the Australian Open final defeat and you gave a powerful speech about your disillusionment with the sport in some ways. Just wondering if you feel the same way now as you did then. What’s the evolution of your feelings been?”

“Everybody can have their tough moments either during one tournament or their whole tennis career. For sure I had some tough ones, which Australian Open in general and especially the final was one of them”, observed Medvedev, during the press conference on Friday, before the tournament of the Roland-Garros.

I’m happy to be back on tour, healthy, feeling great physically, and that’s the most important: Medvedev

The Russian smiled and continued by saying, “I remember one point actually when I won the second set it was crazy point. I never saw it again on the TV, but from what I remember, it was a huge point on 6-5 for me on the tiebreak and I won it. I was just happy trying in a way to pump up myself and the crowd and a lot of people started, they saw I’m doing this against him and started to booing, and I was, like, “Well, okay”.”

“But a lot of time has passed, and I’m happy to play tennis. Sometimes clay can be tough, but I’m happy to be back on tour, healthy, feeling great physically, and that’s the most important. I want to play, I want to show some good tennis, try to win some matches. And I want to dream again and I’m dreaming again,” he concluded.

Daniil Medvdev will start the French Open against Facundo Bagnis from Argentina. This will be the first ever meeting between the two players.

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