Eye of the Coach #77: Harassment and social media go together

In the latest edition of Eye of the Coach, Patrick Mouratoglou explains why the abuse players receive on social media is unacceptable

June 16, 2023
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At Roland-Garros, players were given support to help with the kind of abuse they receive on social media all too often these days.

The initiative went down well with players, who are often abused after matches by people they don’t know, simply because of their result. Often it’s by gamblers, unhappy that their bet failed; sometimes it’s by people who just want to abuse famous people.

In the latest edition of Eye of the Coach, Patrick Mouratoglou explains how harassment and social media seem to go together these days, and how it can seriously affect players.

Key moments from Eye of the Coach #77

0.20: “People use fake names to harass people.”
0.38: “It’s not acceptable, but social media has not yet found a solution.”
1.05: “Opinions are fine. What’s not fine is when people assert a truth, that’s not the truth.”
1.25: “I know tennis players hurt a lot”
1.30: “I like the quote from Gary V who says he feels sorry for these people who have nothing better to do than make up fake names and abuse people who are actually out there doing things
2.15: I tell my players, if you have 1 million followers and you have 1000 negative followers and focus on them, you’re focusing on 1 percent of people.
2.45: “It’s like being in a stadium and everyone is cheering for you, one person is cheering against you and you focus on that one person.
3.15: “If they’re affected, it’s going to affect their tennis, ultimately”.

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