Dunlop SX 300 – Testing Equipment #7

In the latest edition of Testing Equipment, Seb Proisy has a closer look at the Dunlop SX300, which aims to provide the perfect combination of spin, power and control.

December 20, 2020
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The figures

The Dunlop SX300 appeals to players who want to beef up power and spin, while still maintaining control. Even though the racquet features a standard 16 x 19 string pattern, it plays slightly different due to the fact that the strings are more spaced out in the center of the racquet head – the mains are further apart and the crosses are closer together.

Patrick Mouratoglou Dunlop Test Seb

Great spin potential 

The spaced out mains allow for greater spin potential, while the the tighter cross strings will prevent them from moving too much and therefore enable great control while also adding some durability to whichever strings you choose for the racquet.

A modern racquet for a modern player 

“This is a great racquet that will appeal to the new generation of players who, like Rafael Nadal, like to play with a lot of spin and who tend to stand further behind the baseline to full express their physical strength and their speed,” our racquet guru Seb Proisy says.

The Dunlop SX300 is a great player for the modern player in that it offers all the key elements that will enhance the strokes of a structured baseline player. The racquet is maneuverable, on the light side (300 grams unstrung) and is easy to whip through the hitting zone. Racquet speed acceleration is enhanced by the aerodynamic frame, which is similar to the Babolat Pure Aero used by Nadal, and will help increase spin rate.

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