Testing Equipment #9 with Seb Proisy: Head Extreme Graphene Tour


Today on Testing Equipment our racquet guru Seb Proisy takes a spin around the Head Extreme Graphene Tour. Head is one of the most widely used racquet brands on the ATP and WTA tours. The model tested by Seb Proisy in our 9th episode of "Testing Equipment" is the Head Extreme Graphene Tour. If you are interested in playing with this racquet, you should know that there are seven other different models: the Extreme S, Extreme Pro, Extreme MP, Extreme MP Lite, Extreme Lite, Extreme Tour and Extreme PWR.
"Just know that if these models all benefit from the same innovations marketed by Head, they are all different in terms of weight, balance, obviously swing weight, and even head size for some", explains Seb Proisy.
Head Extreme Graphene Tour is known to be the most favorable Head racquet in terms of spin potential, thanks to its 16 x 19 string pattern. This is the only specificity that is the same on all Extreme Graphene Tour.
"Head even went a step further by adding 6 "spin grommets" in the center and on the top and in the center of the racket," analyzes Proisy. "These grommets are larger than the others and are intended to increase the movement of the six center main strings, and therefore maximize spin potential."

Not an impactful innovation

In practice, however, Seb Proisy explains that these eyelets don't give more spin than other rackets with a 16 x 19 string pattern, like the Babolat Pure Drive. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7sawri
“Even though the 6 main strings in the center are the ones responsible for the spin, when the ball is strick, those strings only move between about ten crosses where the ball impact took place. This means that these main strings hardly move at the top of the string bed where the string grommets are. "
The other novelty of this racquet is the integration of Graphene 360+ technology and the exclusive braiding in the heart of the racquet, which brings better transfer of power to the ball and sharper impact. The racket handle retains the Head signature, with its rectangular grip.
“It is also important to note that Head is the only brand that allows players to customize the size of the grip by changing the pallets. Since the inception of the Speed ​​racket, you can also change the shape of the shaft by adding pallets that feel more rounded."
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