Exclusive interview with Holger Rune: “To be world No 103 as a 18 years old is a great achievement”

In an interview for Tennis Majors, Holger Rune talked about his amazing 2021 season and his goals for 2022.

December 23, 2021

“The goal next year is Top 25. Yes, I’m an ambitious guy, but if you look at it, going from 471 up to 103, that’s a lot more places than going from 103 to 25. I beat guys out there, I played close with guys like Carreño Busta, Djokovic. So I believe I have the game and I just need the consistency in every match. First of all, it’s been an amazing season to start off with. I started as 471 in the world and started with playing Futures in the beginning.”

“I really played a lot of matches fighting my way through a lot and I came up and I did it by myself. I got the matches wins that I needed, and now I’m here very close to the Top 100 and hopefully main draw of Australia. So I’m very proud of this season. And yeah, it’s great. The goal of the season was Top 100, but it’s a little bit tough with the frozen ranking. I would be 60th in the world, but, being 103 to finish off with as a 18 years old is a great achievement.”

“And next year it’s going to be not easier, but ranking wise, it’s going to be more up. So I’m very excited about next year. Yeah, the idea is pretty simple. Start in Australia playing and do as good as possible. Now I have like time to build up and do everything I can to be ready for the Australian Open as possible. And after the season goes on and on in South America and on clay. So I’m just really excited about next year.”

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