Alexei Popyrin pulls off the shot of the year.. Unfortunately, it doesn’t count!!

Duckworth goes on to the win the first round match at the San Diego Open in three sets

Popyrin_San_Diego Popyrin_San_Diego

Every once in a while, a tennis player pulls off a miraculous shot that has the tennis world astounded. On Monday at the ATP San Diego Open, Australia’s Alexei Popyrin pulled off one of those shots his first round match against countryman James Duckworth. Only to realise a few seconds later that the shot was not valid.

During the point, after approaching the net with a slice, Popyrin hit a volley off a Duckworth passing shot. Popyrin’s volley bounced high and close to the net, giving more than enough time and a wide open court for Duckworth to hit a sitting passing shot winner.

To ensure he did not get in the way, Popyrin ducked and stuck his racquet out only to hit an incredible reflex volley back into the other side.

However, the shot was not a legal one with the umpire handing the point to Duckworth. This was either due to Popyrin’s arm touching the net or his racquet going across the net for the shot. Both of those scenarios make a shot illegal as per the rules of tennis.

In the end, Duckworth managed to beat Popyrin 7-5, 4-6, 6-1 in two hours and 20 minutes to reach the second round in San Diego.

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