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Kyrgios apologises to ball kid after racquet throw misses him at end of Nadal contest

Kyrgios reached out to the ball kid personally and offered him an apology and his racquet

Nick Kyrgios at the BNP Paribas Open Nick Kyrgios at the BNP Paribas Open Image Credit: Antoine Couvercelle / Panoramic

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Nick Kyrgios reached out and apologised to a ball kid who had to take evasive action when the Australian threw a racquet on the ground in frustration at the end of his three-set loss to Rafael Nadal.

For the most part of Thursday’s thrilling quarter-final which Nadal won 7-6, 5-7, 6-4 in two hours and 46 minutes, it was Kyrgios’ powerful and steady game that was the talking point. However, a racquet throw in frustration at the end of the match became the talking point soon after.

After Kyrgios got angry at being asked about the incident in his post-match press conference, he posted an update on social media in which he apologised to the ball kid and offered to give him his racquet.

Later, Kyrgios posted screenshots of a text conversation with the ball kid in question, who said he accepted the Australian’s apology and the racquet.

It most definitely wasn’t like Zverev

With the behaviour of players coming under increasing scrutiny in the aftermath of Alexander Zverev‘s outburst at an official in Acapulco recently, Kyrgios was not happy about being asked about the incident in the press conference.

“What would you like me to say about it? Obviously, was that my intention? No. Because I threw the racquet. Did I throw the racquet anywhere near him originally? It landed a meter from my foot and skidded and nearly hit him. I’m human. Things happen like that. Obviously it was a very misfortunate bounce. I think if I did that a million times over it wouldn’t have gone that way. And what do you want me to say? It was three meters away from the kid. That’s a question you’re going to say after a three-hour battle against Nadal? That’s what you come here with?

“It was an accident. It most definitely wasn’t like Zverev. It was complete accident. I didn’t hit him, thankfully. It wasn’t my intention. So thankfully the ball kid’s okay. Great question, though. Unbelievable stuff. (Clapping.) Congratulations, man.”

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