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After Kasatkina, former Roland-Garros semi-finalist Nadia Podoroska also reveals she is dating a woman

Nadia Podoroska reveals she is dating a fellow Argentine female tennis player and receives a shout out from tennis legend Billie Jean King

Nadia Podoroska, 2021 Nadia Podoroska, 2021 | © Zuma / Panoramic

Former French Open semi-finalist Nadia Podoroska has revealed that she is dating a fellow Argentine female tennis player, Guillermina Naya, becoming the second WTA player to come out of the closet in recent months.

Podoroska revealed the news weeks after Russia’s Daria Kasatkina did the same. The 25-year-old recently posted a warm message for her girlfriend on the latter’s birthday saying, “Today I celebrate you from afar, but I feel you by my side every day of my life”, along with several pictures of them together.”

Podoroska received support from tennis legend Billie Jean King, who was the first female player to come out and reveal she was gay, and someone who has fought tirelessly since for equality in the sport.

King said in her tweet, “Congratulations to Nadia Podorsoka on her announcement. Living authentically takes such courage, but it’s always worth it.”

Podoroska also reveals anxiety battle and future ambitions

The past year has been a tough one for Podorsoka, who did not play any tournament after the 2021 US Open until the Wimbledon qualifying event in June due to a series of injuries.

In a recent interview with Clay magazine, Podoroska reveals she battled anxiety due to the uncertainty around her career but added that her parents and girlfriend’s support helped her come through.

“From September to December I was able to be in Argentina with my parents. That affection and positive energy of being at home helped a lot. Then I went to Spain, I was fine because it seemed like it would be a short time before I could compete again. When I knew it would be longer, my mum was able to visit me. Then my girlfriend came to see me. That’s how it started to happen.”

Now ranked 203 in the world

Podoroska, who is back up to No 203 in the world rankings after reaching the semi-finals of the recent WTA Chennai Open, said she is happy to be back on the tour.

“I’m doing well. I’m in a good moment in my career. I lived a complicated time, the past months I went through injuries, a lot of uncertainty, so back to a Grand Slam to compete is what I wanted when I was lying in bed without being able to train. Just I’m happy to be here.”

Not content with just being back, the Argentine now has her sights set on the future and said she wants to win a Grand Slam singles title and become world No 1 in the future.

“I want to become No 1 in the world and win a Grand Slam. One of my biggest dreams is that Argentine women’s tennis develop more players and tournaments. South American players have many disadvantages. It is much more complicated to live in that part of the world. That’s why I live in Europe. It would be a dream to help change that disadvantage.”

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