Nadal: “Novak is in the best position in the race to win the most Grand Slams”

Rafael Nadal, who has won the Australian Open and Roland-Garros in 2022, thinks it’s crazy to think that he can win all four this season

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, Roland-Garros 2022 Serbia’s Novak Djokovic walks off dejected after losing his quarter final match against Spain’s Rafael Nadal – © AI / Reuters / Panoramic

Rafael Nadal has given an in-depth interview to the ATP website in Spanish in which he reiterates that his health and his foot injury will create a lot of uncertainty about the coming months.

“Anything can happen. Clearly, Novak (Djokovic) is in the best position to be able to beat that because he has no physical problems, and he’s playing at a spectacular level”, said Nadal to the ATP website on Tuesday, after winning his 14th Roland-Garros and 22nd Grand Slam tournament.

Nadal does not even rule out Roger Federer, who will soon turn 41 years old, in the Slam Race that he’s leading with 22 major trophies, whereas Djokovic and Federer follow with 20 titles each.

Rafael Nadal: “Federer has been out for a long time and you can always expect something special from him, but we all know how difficult it is to come back, even more so at 40. We’ll see what happens. As I’ve always said, it didn’t bother me when we were level, and it doesn’t bother me now that I’m two ahead. I just want to keep competing.”

“More than winning the calendar Grand Slam, I would be content to play in all four” – Nadal

The 36-year old Spaniard doesn’t consider himself half-way from a calendar Grand Slam, even though he has won the Australian Open and Roland-Garros.

“It’s crazy (to think of a Grand Slam), even if I was in perfect shape I think. Nobody has done it since Rod Laver (1969). Djokovic came closest last year (he lost in the US Open final, editor’s note). More than winning the Grand Slam, I would be content to play in all four”, the world No 4 affirmed.

Nadal did not give any further details on when he will follow his new treatment this week in order to numb his foot on permanent basis and avoid regular anaesthesics.

Rafael Nadal: “The goal is clear; to carry out pulsed radiofrequency on the nerve to try and achieve the sensation I have when I’m playing with a numb foot. We’re trying to make that permanent. If it works, we’ll remove the sensitivity from the sensitive part of the foot. And there’s another significant factor; we’ve shown that I can play with the distance blocking. If we can get this treatment to work, permanently affecting the nerve, I will be able to keep playing. I’m used to taking things step by step. I’m confident things will go well.”


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