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Carlos Alcaraz: The 18-year-old sensation on a mission to be the best – The Volley Podcast #12

In the latest episode of The Volley, the new podcast by Tennis Majors, Sasa Ozmo goes deep on Carlos Alcaraz, the new Spanish sensation making waves at the US Open.

September 9, 2021
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The figures

At 18, Carlos Alcaraz shot to worldwide attention at the US Open in 2021 when he upset world No 3 Stefanos Tsitsipas in the third round at Flushing Meadows. The 18-year-old maintained his momentum to get to the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam for the first time and with a game like his, the sky seems to be the limit.

In the latest episode of The Volley, the new podcast by Tennis Majors, host Max Whittle chats to Serbian journalist Sasa Ozmo, a man who interviewed Alcaraz for Tennis Majors at the end of last year and who has been following his progression as closely as anyone.

In a fascinating discussion, Ozmo explains Alcaraz’s back story, from his first taste of tennis as a 4-year-old and talks about his playing style. Ozmo discusses his relationship with his coach, the former world No 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero, and his seemingly innate belief that he belongs at the top, beating the world’s best players on the biggest stages in the sport.

And Ozmo also reveals what Alcaraz told him when they spoke at the end of 2020 and tries to put into perspective what he is achieving at such a tender young age.

  •  3.05: Who is Carlos Alcaraz
  •  3.45: Can you describe Alcaraz as a player?
  •  5.00: How Juan Carlos Ferrero instilled in him the ability to be aggressive on the biggest points.
  •  5.50: “His playing style is different to the Big 3”
  •  7.30: Juan Carlos Ferrero says he’s a little like Federer, in that he will always go for it on big points
  •  9.00: What was your impression of Alcaraz when you spoke to him? “He’s down to earth; what you see is what you get
  •  10.00: “You can sense Alcaraz enjoys the life as a tennis player”
  •  12.00: On Yevgeny Kafelnikov’s claim he will be No 1 within three years
  •  13.30: How former umpire Albert Molina became his agent
  •  17.45: What are the challenges for Juan Carlos Ferrero with Alcaraz?
  •  19.20: “His age is not a problem. He’s good enough”
  •  20.54: Is Alcaraz as fearless as he seems?
  •  22.15: What does the future hold for Carlos Alcaraz
  •  24.25: How do you compare the hype around him with that around Rafael Nadal?
  •  25.35: Can you put into context what he’s achieved already, at just 18?
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