A different look at Tsitsipas’ bathroom breaks – Eye of the Coach #37

In episode #37 of Eye of the Coach, Patrick Mouratoglou gives his opinion and another point of view about the controversy with Stefanos Tsitsipas’ bathroom breaks during the 2021 US Open

September 6, 2021
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The figures

One of the biggest stories coming out of the first week of the US Open has been centred around “bathroom breaks” following the five-set first-round match between third seed Stefanos Tsitsipas and former world No 1 Andy Murray on the opening day of the tournament.

Tsitsipas took a long bathroom break after the third set of that match and later received some heavy criticism from Murray during and after the match, with the three-time Grand Slam champion accusing the Greek of using the toilet break as a gamesmanship strategy.

Even as Tsitsipas exited the tournament in the third round at the hands of Spanish teenager Carlos Alcaraz, his mentor Patrick Mouratoglou has openly said that Tsitsipas is not a cheat or an unfair player.

Speaking in the latest episode of “The Eye of the Coach”, Mouratoglou goes even deeper on this episode, highlighting that Tsitsipas is just focused on what leads him to be efficient on the court. Like any champion.

Key Highlights of “The Eye of the Coach” with Patrick Mouratoglou

  • Why do players take a bathroom break? (around 0.30)
  • On whether Tsitsipas broke any rules when he took the bathroom break (around 1.23)
  • On whether taking a bathroom break amounts to bad sportsmanship (around 1.39)
  • The appropriate length of time for a bathroom break (around 1.50)
  • Tsitsipas’ French Open final loss to Djokovic when the Serb took a bathroom break after losing the first two sets ​(around 2.31)
  • Tsitsipas’ career goal and ambitions (around 3.38)
  • The role of the media in presenting stories in a one-sided manner (around 4.08)
  • The impact of the controversy on Tsitsipas (around 5.10)
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